Planting seeds & growing up strong. KIDS! The next generation of nature-protectors and environmental stewards. 

Sign-ups NOW OPEN for Grass & Roots one-week Nature Play Adventures!

Tell a friend & get exploring outside this summer. All-outdoors. All are welcome.

Welcome to Grass & Roots Outdoors! Caring for the Earth, starting young.

Where in St. Peter will these Nature Play Adventures take place?

All the July nature-based play & fun will happen in all-natural, all-outdoors, "woods-y" St. Peter locations. Families will be notified of their exact session location and meet-up spot one week prior to each session's start date.

Plan for your child's entire week-long session to center in one location, with some movement on foot and within safe walking distance from the central locale. Let's get outside, St. Peter! Summer's here!

Parents and "favorite grown-ups" welcome!

We welcome kids AND their favorite grown-ups to participate in any of our Grass & Roots activities. Quick note: We know adults & caregivers have all kinds of names & relations to the kids in their life, so you'll hear us group all the care-giving adults together into the category we lovingly call "favorite grown-ups". Okay, now that we've covered that...

For this summer's 4y-5y "Knee-High Naturalists" sessions, a grown-up must also attend with child. Questions about this? Email us anytime.

Lunchtime? Lunchtime! Yes! Water too!

Make a lunch & hydration plan. Kids will bring a packed lunch if attending any "all-day" (9am-3pm) summer session. For these "Earth Protectors" and "Into the Woods" kids, lunchtime is at noon-ish. (Pack a snack if you have a favorite thing! We're fans of easy snacks so we'll always have whole apples available for kids' snack-time.) A refillable water bottle is a must-bring for every child attending! Hydration is key! Food fuel too! (We've maxed out our exclamation points!!!) As for lunch plans & snack breaks, we happen to think picnics with friends are just THE BEST.

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