We had a blast last summer... More fun on the way in 2022!

We call them "Nature Play Adventures" and we invite you to come adventure with us!

Questions? Want to connect with us? Email Trish anytime at [email protected]

"Knee-High Naturalists" (ages 4y-5y)

JUST FOR THE PRE-K BUNCH! Kids activate all of their "senses" when they explore like a naturalist. The Naturalist Way guides kids to tap into their very real super-powers: their sense of touch, sound, smell, taste, sight. Some mysterious "sixth senses" also pop up when we're free to play in natural spaces! Let's venture into the woods with our youngsters and let our super-powers run wild. **A FAVORITE GROWN-UP OR PARENT ATTENDS WITH CHILD**

"Earth Protectors" (ages 6y-8y)

TEAM E.P. MEMO: "Your week-long outdoor adventure with friends awaits... With your help and creativity, the Earth Protectors team will persevere and quest to protect our planet at all costs... Caring for the Earth requires imagination and heart... It can get a little messy, sometimes muddy, but is almost always a ton of fun... ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?... Sincerely, The E.P. Coalition of Tree-Huggers"

"Into the Woods" (ages 9y-12y)

IT'S BEEN A WEIRD YEAR. REALLY WEIRD. Let's re-connect with old friends. Build forts. Create art, make music, maybe even make some new friends! Breathe in fresh air. PLAY! Even as we get older, it's still so important to make time to play & to get outside. Find things you love to do, THEN GO DO THOSE THINGS. So here's "The Plan"... Take a week away and get into the woods for some forest fun! Tell a friend :)